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  • Develop your employer brand

  • Create business-driven marketing

  • Create smart marketing. Make it accurate.

Social Media Work Group

We create presence where you need to be

SMW Group are specialists in recruitment, employer branding and marketing in social media. We help organisations to find the right candidates, strengthen their employer brands and create business-driven marketing and brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We are particularly good at social media.

We offer effective solutions for accurate digital advertising as well as tailored solutions for recruiting, employer branding and marketing towards relevant target groups. Who do you need to reach?

Make your presence smart. Make it accurate.

  • We always get quick feedback and good replies. During those years that we´ve been working together we´ve also experienced good service, and both the Account Managers and the Marketing team have great knowledge within their area in recruiting and digital advertising.

  • We have since the autumn 2018 been collaborating with SMW Group for all our recruitments and we are very happy with the result they deliver. They have helped us to make our processes both more effective, and not the least, cost-efficient.

  • In the beginning of 2018 we decided to handle all recruitment ourselves, at all stages of the business. Because we are a business with a broad skillbase, from chefs to machinists and IT Managers, we need to be visible to the right people. SMW Group has helped us with that. By targeting our ads, we have been able to hire competent and good people within several areas that are notoriously hard to recruit in. Because of that we want to work with SMW Group and are very happy with the service and response we receive.

  • The relationship with SMW Group is very uncomplicated and easy. The team is service oriented and good to deal with, and the production time is very short. Plus, the most important part of all – the ads are externally visible, we get publicity and many quality applications. A very simple way of advertising! We have saved lots of time and money in hiring SMW Group, and nowadays we do it for all our recruiting.

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