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Work Environment Day.

To highlight the importance of a healthy and safe work environment, we should do it 365 days a year. But today, on Work Environment Day, we feel an extra urge to talk about it. Therefore, we have gathered some thoughts on the topic.

To prevent an unhealthy workplace, both the psychosocial and physical work environment play an equally important role. Whether it is about wearing a helmet at dizzying heights or feeling good at work, employers need to continuously strive to achieve a good work environment.

In connection with this, we have conducted a deep dive with our partner LinkedIn and identified what Swedish job seekers are looking for in their next employer:

1. A healthy work-life balance.

2. Colleagues and a work culture that inspire and drive each other forward.

3. The ability to influence one’s own work tasks and priorities.

4. Flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home occasionally, to be able to enjoy life outside of work too.

5. A generous salary and benefits that show appreciation and value.

6. An open and transparent management genuinely interested in their employees. Communication is key!

7. A challenging role where one can truly develop and use their creativity.

8. Companies that have a deeper meaning and purpose beyond just making money. It is important to feel part of something bigger.

9. A role where one feels that they are truly making a difference to the company’s success. We all want to feel important and significant.

10. An easy commute to the workplace.

Is a good work environment important? The answer is here. If you want to attract talents who actually stay and feel good in your workplace, reflect on the above points. There is no better time to start than today!

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