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On our website we use cookies and other comparable techniques to make sure that it works in a satisfactory way, is easy to use and improves your user experience. The cookies we use collects information about how you are using our website and collects the details from your device.

Your consent

You choose if you want to confirm our cookies on your device or not. You give your consent by continuing to use our website. If you don´t want to give your consent or if you have given your consent before and have changed your mind, you can change your cookie setting at any time.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is saved in your web browser when you enter a website. Some cookies are necessary to make sure that the website is possible to use in a satisfactory way and is easy to use, while other provides us with information about what you do when you visit the website.


To optimize your user experience we want that our website to ”recognize” and ”remember” you. Cookies can provide us with your registered preferences and settings (such as language settings) automatically, which is useful for you to be able to navigate easily on our website and save time. We also want to see what pages you are clicking on to provide you with the right information according to your interests and needs. We simply want to make sure that our website is given you the best user experience and understand your usage in the purpose of always improving our offer.

The website ”remember” and ”recognize” you:

  • temporarily – until you shut down your browser
    (session cookies)
  • persistent –until you are making changes in your settings, delete cookies or change your cookie settings
    (persistent cookies)

Cookie settings

Every visitor has the possibility to give their consent of using cookies. You can choose if you want the website to place cookies in your device or not. You can change your mind at any time.

Note that we are always using necessary cookies to provide you with the service you ask for. Those cookies cannot be turned off. If you keep surfing on our website, you accept that all cookies are being used.


If you don´t give your consent for us to use cookies or if you have given your consent before but has changed your mind, you can change your cookie settings in your web browser. You can also also change your cookie settings if you have denied given your consent before but now have changed your mind, so you can approve that we place cookies in your web browser in the future.

Controlling the usage of cookies

You can alwats delete cookies from your web browser by making changes in your browser settings. Most web browsers have automated standard settings to approve cookies. You can always change these settings, so no cookies are stored in your device. You can find more information about how you turn off usage of cookies in your web browser instructions.

Third party services or programs we are using on our website is covered by third party integrity policy. We recommend you to read those policies.

Do Not Track signals

We answer to Do Not Track signals. We are only placing necessary cookies and functional cookies in your device if you are using the Do Not Track function.

Block cookies

If you choose to not give your consent of us using cookies, the functionality and performance of our website might change because some functions might be needing cookies. If you block cookies, it might result in that the services of our website cannot perform as they should.

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