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Data protection and integrity is of paramount importance for SMW Group. We accept applicable laws and apply to established IT-security standards.

When you contact us or employees at SMW Group by email or telephone, your information is automatically saved as a natural part of conducting electronic communication. This includes name, email addresses, telephone numbers and company information. When you visit our website, we gather data that your web browser provides to us automatically, such as IP address and browser of choice – only for the purpose of making your experience better. Along with information exchange with SMW Group in business context, your personal information can be saved in customer records, records of delivery and records of potential customers or potential employees. Your personal information can also be saved in SMW Insight in context of a business relationship.

When placing an order, request a service and/or send material to complete an order, you agree to that SMW Group can keep your personal information for business. The personal information is saved during the time the organisation is an active customer at SMW Group and up to two years after finished collaboration or as long as we need it to complete the task the information was originally gathered for. We also keep information longer if certain contracts or circumstances requires that. We will remove your personal information upon your request.

SMW Group also carries out marketing activities such as newsletters and campaign mailings. Of course, our customers have the right to decide if they want to continue to receive the mailings or want to unregister. We will not share data outside of the scope of these activities unless consent is given, and we don´t sell the data to third parties. However, we use external service providers for the processing of some data, such as website, newsletters and analytics suppliers.

When you contact SMW Group via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube, any data that you share is between you and the social media platform – not us. The same standard applies for when interaction with the ads that we publish, such as comments, likes and shares. The data is gathered on the current platform. We will not process that data outside of that platform unless we are given consent.

Furthermore, we protect personal data and our devices with data protection programs. It is of paramount importance for us to always protect gathered personal data from external threats. We also use data security for every device used for collection of personal data. Every device is personal, which means no other than the people responsible to provide the service have access to the devices and the personal information recieved. To ensure the security of personal data in devices and cloud systems, we use personal identification codes to access these.

If you have any questions in purpose of excerpts from the register, withdrawing consent of gathering personal information or making corrections, contact SMW Group at

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