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Why SoMe Ads?

Since the creation of social media, activity has increased exponentially at a faster pace than anyone ever could ever have imagined. Today a total of 3,484 billion people around the world are using social media.

Reach qualified candidates

One of the main the reasons to advertise on social media are the many technological advantages it brings. With algorithm technology you can make sure that advertisement reaches the right audience to match your requirement profile. You’ll also reach more people with the targeting technique, making your advertising visible for passive job-seekers unaware that you are searching for someone with their skills.

Increased measurability

Advertising to reach new talents in social media means, except that you can reach the right target group fast, but also that the advertising is measurable. With statistic tools and programs you can get to know your targeted audience when finding out how they interact with your advertisement. Unique views, clicks, CTR and likes are some of the measurements. By following up on the results of several ads you’ll find out which material works best for you and which demographic creates quality results for your business.

Easier to apply

Today there are 2,71 billion smartphone users in the world, and the Facebook scrolling is a well-known phenomenon that no one has probably escaped. In purpose of recruiting on social media this phenomenon is to the great advantage. – To be reached by an interesting and eye-catching ad for a job-opening during the Facebook-scrolling on the way to or from work, allows companies to reach candidates are not actively searching for new jobs and it easier to just click and apply. However, to increase the possibility of this working, the application process must be relatively short. Adding personal details, a short introductory message and attaching your resume is sufficient, otherwise your candidate might not go through the whole application process with their mobile. With a shorter application process adapted for smartphones, applying becomes onerous – with a simple click, potential candidates can find out more about the job-opening and apply no matter where they are.

Remarketing possibilities

Advertising in social media creates opportunities for retargeting. This means that potential candidates that have shown an interest for your ad are reached several times, when visiting other platforms and social networks. Remarketing exposes your message multiple times for persons who have shown their interest, which creates and strengthens brand awareness and increases your opportunities of recruiting candidates with a genuine interest in your organization.

In summary, social media is an integrated and natural part of most people´s everyday life. Employers must make sure that they are present and active where the best candidates spend their time, to escape the increased competition on qualified labour – and social media is a cost effective and a smart way to reach out and capture attention in all the thousands of messages we are exposed to everyday.

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