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We´re back!

Summer is not over but we are back at the office after a few weeks of vacation. What a wonderful summer it has been, everyone agreed at our first meeting on Monday. Some of us enjoyed the Swedish nature and did some work in their summer house, some of us learned Spanish and a new programming language, others bought a car. Now we´re ready for the autumn’s happenings, to find new candidates and develop strong employer brands.


This year has been quite different so far, to say the least, but we´re looking forward to what the future has to offer with optimism – with the circumstances in mind to evolve together with our partners, clients, and the recruitment market.


Many talents out there are waiting for their next assignment – hungrier than ever for exciting projects with new (or old) employers. It is now time to either shape, maintain or even change the perception of your brand as employer. It is, as you may already know, more important than ever to think about business environment, what you have to offer and how you want to be perceived. But to succeed, active and continuous work is important. And we want to participate! With our expertise to reach the right people who could be your candidates, employees and colleagues, we make sure to expose your brand and message to the right people with the right skills. We help you to tell your story!


Furthermore, we will continue to share knowledge and insights about recruitment, employer branding, talent market and how to reach out – and everything in between, during autumn. We hope that you´ll check in with us!

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