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How to SoMe.

Video has continued to show a rapid amount of growth on Social Media over the last few years, and many brands have taken note. Therefore, video also has become a central part in creating communication strategies amongst various organisations. Using video is one of the best tools to bring attention to your content on Social Media platforms. If this trend continues, video marketing will be a very popular approach within advertising because it is easier to reach out to your target audience whilst engage interaction.

One of the biggest advantages with using video is the potential to bring powerful, interactive content and experiences to your audience. Motion pictures rapidly attracts attention, which makes video and motions a better choice than images in general because it can help to break through in the feed. In advertising, you always want to capture people’s attention since you´re competing about the attention from your audience, that´s why it’s essential to use video as a tool for this and ultimately increase your chances to reach out to your target group.

Did you know that LinkedIn users are more inclined to share a video than on other networks?


All it takes is 10 seconds

Video is a highly efficient when it comes down to promoting your business or selling a service or product in an exciting and engaging way – it even makes it easier to reach out to the right candidates or strengthen your Employer Brand. But there are some details you should think about when creating videos.

74% of the videos value lies in the first 10 seconds, hence the importance of making the introduction interesting and exciting to catch your audience. Try to centre your video around the story, not the sale. Concentrate on the value you´re providing for your costumers. The most important thing is to get attention from your target audience nd build interest to develop awareness of your business.

The total time of the video should not exceed 30 seconds. The general rule is around 10-15 seconds depending on where you want to publish it. Short and on the point is key when creating video content. Never expect your audience to watch the video with the sound on, but it´s good to have audio o enhance the experience for those who use audio.

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