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SoMe stats 2023.

Social Media Statistics 2023


Amidst a plethora of reports, statistics, and trend lists, it’s time to clarify the most pivotal guidelines to keep an eye on in the autumn of 2023. Many become fixated on user statistics and CTR, but what do these figures truly signify? We understand that each recruitment advertisement necessitates a unique strategy to yield the desired outcomes, and making sweeping generalizations can be a substantial pitfall. Hence, we aim to shed light on some global trends that serve as guiding beacons in the densely populated landscape of social media recommendations.


We’ve examined the findings from Meltwater’s “State of Social Media 2023” report, based on responses from 1,700 marketing and communication professionals worldwide. Here are the most critical insights that warrant your attention:


Social Media Marketing – An Essential Prerequisite

An impressive 42.62% of all organizations that participated in the study indicated their intention to augment their social media budget in 2023. Are you contemplating whether this is the right move for your organization? Consider this: 72.8% of all internet users employ social media to explore brands. That should kindle your interest. So, how much of your marketing budget should be earmarked for social media? To provide you with some guidance, organizations, on average, allocate 32% of their total marketing budget to social media.


TikTok – The Fastest-Growing Channel Among Enterprises

Among the 1,700 respondents, a staggering 46.98% expressed their plans to utilize TikTok for business purposes in 2023. This positions TikTok as the most rapidly expanding new channel in the market. Are you lagging behind? Fret not! As partners with TikTok Business, we’re here to facilitate your entry into the realm of TikTok. Learn more about our support here.


Employer and Employee Branding – The Sole Path Forward

A noteworthy 19.33% of surveyed organizations have already implemented an employee advocate or a social selling strategy. Have you? If not, it’s high time you commenced contemplating it. In fact, a resounding 86% of the world’s most coveted employers consider Employer Branding their foremost priority in HR and Talent Management. Why, you ask? Well, because contemporary job seekers increasingly behave like consumers, evaluating companies in the same manner they appraise products online. In essence, they’re shopping for jobs! According to LinkedIn, it takes up to 7.5 months and nearly 40 interactions before a candidate actually submits an application.


In conclusion, these are the focal points of 2023 and what will steer our endeavors in the autumn of 2023. If you wish to delve deeper into the realm of statistics, there is certainly much more to explore. Nevertheless, these statistics will serve as our compass this fall. Keywords – social engagement, authentic employer brand, and well-informed channel selections.


Text: Alva Skoglund / 2023 – 09 – 20

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