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Social Media 2019.

Let´s start the new year with a summary of 2019 statics of our social media usage.


42 % of the world’s population has minimum 1 account on social media and the general usage is 2h and 22 minutes a day. In 2019 there were 366 million new users of different social media channels – that’s about 1 million a day. Users of Internet and Social Media is growing by the day, and in Northern Europe 95% of the population is using Social Media. In the UK there are about 45 million social media users, which equates to 67% of the entire population.



74% of Facebook users check their feed on a daily basis. And about 8 times – everyday, on average, which means that advertisers can reach out with their message 8 times. Every day.

Using photos in your ads is up to 90% more efficient.



Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million use it on a daily basis. The channel attracts a younger audience. As many as 59% of the users are under the age of 30. Videos get 21 % more interactions compared to images. In the beginning of 2019, 42% of the UK population was using Instagram, which is about 24 million people.



LinkedIn has 530 million users worldwide, and about 46% of all Social Media traffic to company websites actually comes from LinkedIn. In the UK, there are 27 million profiles and during 2019 there was a 34% increase in login sessions amongst active users.


The statistics are collected from Hubspot, Hootsuit, Smart Insights and Social Media Today.

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