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Meta + GDPR.

Meta’s stance is crystal clear: they remain committed to their vision of an ad-supported internet, open and accessible to everyone (Meta, 2023). However, in alignment with the latest European directives, Meta is now introducing a new subscription option in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. Simply put, Meta is becoming fully GDPR-compliant.


But what does this mean, exactly? Users will have the option to subscribe monthly to enjoy ad-free usage of Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, users can continue to access Meta’s services entirely for free, while still receiving relevant advertisements, just as they always have.


Does this change anything for us as advertisers? In reality, not much. We share Meta’s belief in targeted advertising that caters to user interests. This new policy perfectly facilitates that. Candidates’ privacy is safeguarded as per European regulations, while relevant ads reach precisely the right candidates. Candidates who may be aspiring to join your organization, or even those who may not have realized they want to work with your company yet. It’s a win-win situation in multiple aspects.


“We embrace this change with optimism and firmly believe it will benefit both us as marketers and our customers. We see it as a step in the right direction, where privacy and choice are promoted on the internet.”
– Karolina Brodén, Marketing Manager.


For more details on Meta’s new policy, you can refer to the press release here:


Text: Alva Skoglund


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