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Recruiting during Covid.

Considering the current circumstances of Covid-19, the world is going through a lot of changes, especially for people in their everyday life who are now working from home. We can’t say what the future’s bringing, but what we do know is the importance of thinking ahead – planning for improvements.

In these strained times and with many of us now working remotely, the hiring process are going through some changes. Whether temporarily or permanently so, an entirely online recruitment process could be the solution when we´re not able to meet in person. The initial contact with candidates is perfectly suited online, but further down the funnel when getting to know the candidate or showing company culture via video, it could be trickier. Using online recruitment shows, not only the candidates but the surrounding world, that your business manages to be innovative and adapt to changes.

Preparation is key

A pretty important part of the hiring process is preparing the candidate. Try giving the candidate everything they need to make the best impression – whether it´s letting them know what tools you’re using or what kind of dress code the office has. Make sure to let them know what to expect coming to the interview and what topics you’re going to discuss. Taking the time to help the candidate to prepare will not only make the interview go smoothly for all involved but will also show the candidate that you are invested in their success.

Sharing the culture in creative ways

Sometimes the hardest part with online recruitment is expressing who you are, but introductions and showing the office can paint the picture of your company culture and your brand. A candidate will apply for the role but will get more interested and excited if they get to know the team and the culture.

Does your team have an Instagram account? Do you have interviews of employees that´s shared on your website, in video clips or on your Social Media? Share this! Show the candidate who you are, that you’re having fun at work, and that you´re an enjoyable team to work with. Anything that helps the candidate get a feel for the personality behind the role itself.

Making time for small talk

When we meet our candidates at the office, it gives us the time to show them around, chatting casually and introducing colleagues, something that’s easy to forget about when recruiting online. Taking time for this during the interview will not only showcase the company culture but also gives the candidate a hand if they do join the company.  That’s why it’s a good idea to speak to the candidate on a professional as well as on a personal level.

Giving feedback

Another important thing during these strained times as well as when everything goes back to normal is giving feedback. Every candidate deserves a great experience, regardless if they will be a member of the team or not.
LinkedIn research shows that 94% of candidates want to receive feedback after an interview. Giving response and input will help the candidate to progress and gives them valuable experience, even if they didn’t get the job.

In a scenario like this, a good candidate experience doesn’t stop once you offer them the job – it’s here the introduction starts to help your new hire with what they need to do their job effectively, comfortably, and successfully. If possible, make sure the new employee has everything they need to work from home, even though it’s temporary. And last but not least, communicate – a lot! That will make the recruitment and hire to be a success.



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