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SoMe success.

People are exposed daily with thousands of different messages and advertising campaigns wherever we turn – on the phone, on the computer and in real life. This of course means tough competition and as a creator you must constantly work to stand out from the crowd. In the process of creating content that engages the audience, there are a few things to keep in mind to reach out with their message in the best way.

Finding the right purpose

To succeed with your marketing on social channels, you should first and foremost reflect on where your target group is. Otherwise, there is a tendency to create different accounts on all possible platforms without any further thought on the actual purpose – how do we reach our target group? For example, the target audience may not be active on LinkedIn because they prefer to communicate via Instagram. In such a situation, you may need to exclude LinkedIn and instead try to understand the target group’s social media use by using trend surveys and surveys.

There are many benefits that comes with using social media marketing. Among other things, it is possible to take part in statistics and information about the people who follow your page, but also to see if they are involved in what you publish. Most social media networks have different types of algorithms that reward different types of content. It may therefore be a good idea to explore how to maximize the visibility of the platform, also to increase the activity of followers.

The importance of good content

Another thing that is important when it comes to success on social media is of course the content itself. There is often talk of relevant and engaging content, but it does not say much about what it is. To find out which target group you want to target, and which topics engage them, for example by studying competing accounts or test different content.

Fewer likes and an empty comment section could be a sign that the content does not work as it should, and there is a risk that you will lose followers if you do not deliver good content. Then it may be time to review why the commitment is declining – if it is because the algorithms are not on your side or if you need to find new strategies to be able to reach out.

Being or not being on social media is no longer a question. They key is to make the right choice of platform, understanding what kind of content the target group wants and creating a relationship with them – and hopefully reach social media success.

A roller coaster that is not always self-evident, but if you start to reflect on target group adaptation and scaled content on your channels, it should generate good results. It is about getting to know your audience, creating a relationship and maintaining that. A satisfied audience = a successful company.

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