Through frequent trips, punctual departures and in all kinds of weather, Forsea Ferries operates in our beloved inlet so that people can meet, and the region develop.


The relationship between SMW Group and Forsea started in the spring of 2018. Forsea needed to strengthen their recruitment process with more quality applications. One of the first ads was made for a position as Shipping Inspector/Superintendent, a position that Forsea had tried to fill for six months but without any applicants. For SMW Group it meant an important assignment to reach people that met the profile requirements.

Strategy and solution

We made an analysis and framed a strategy to reach the right target group. Graphic material that fitted the profile was provided by the customer. This way, the campaign was adapted to strengthen the brand towards the target group. The ad targeting was further focused on competence in shipping and maintenance.

ForSea - Case


22,286 exposures and 13,672 unique persons were generated by the advertising, that was on average exposed almost 2 times per unique person. The ad got 686 clicks and the CTR amounted to just over 5 percent, which led to a further 22 applications and 6 likes. Everyone that applied also met the position requirements and Forsea hired a quality candidate shortly after.

In the beginning of 2018 we decided to handle all recruitment ourselves, at all stages of the business. Because we are a business with a broad skillbase, from chefs to machinists and IT Managers, we need to be visible to the right people. SMW Group has helped us with that. By targeting our ads, we have been able to hire competent and good people within several areas that are notoriously hard to recruit in. Because of that we want to work with SMW Group and are very happy with the service and response we receive.

Jennie Pihl, HR Partner