Are you up for an IT race?

The world of IT is under constant development and highly decisive, as your future should be. Right? Let’s speed, get involved, put your hands on the wheel – let’s go!

EPICO’s consultancy race started in 2009, since then our focus has been loyalty against our partners. Also, our core business consists of identifying, qualifying, and delivering skilled IT consultants to our partners. With that said, we aim to be the preferred and most trusted IT partner globally. Join the future, join EPICO!


So… are you ready to race?

We’re looking to collaborate with a lot of IT business qualified people around the world. Regardless of your personality, background, or identity – we believe that the best collaboration happens when we know each other. That, and the theory of being as happy entering as leaving work.

We see people, we see potentials, we believe in people. We are not afraid of creating new, unconventional activities and initiatives, and this is the mindset we meet our partners with. Want to know more about us? Keep scrolling.


This is EPICO

With over 10 years of experience, as a consultancy, we have built a unique knowledge base and a broad network where we offer our partners expertise every day. We take pride in getting to know our clients and consultants so that we can deliver a match on more than just the professional level, because we know how much personal connection mean to the collaboration.

Let’s speed into an organization full of open-minded people, trustworthy consulting, and professional results.

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