Targeted recruitment


Simplifying your recruitment processes

Did you know that 50% of employees are willing to change their job but are not active jobseekers? That means that employers must be active where the candidates are in their everyday life.

In matter of fact, most employees do not look for new jobs actively. Most of them are sitting comfortably in a position today but are willing to change if the right position turns up. We call these passive candidates. Therefore, you should not wait for the ideal candidates to come to you – be proactive and reach them where they are – on social media.

With targeted presence you can reach both active and passive candidates – simplifying your recruitment processes.

Träffsäker rekrytering

Create smart recruiting. Make it accurate.

SMW Group delivers accurate digital services on Social Media that simplifies recruitment processes – both for employers and employees. We offer cost-effective solutions where the best talents are engaged.

Together with our premium partner LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Instagram, SMW Group reaches your candidates on the most commonly used platforms with targeted ads from your own brand. The ads are directed according to dynamic demographic orientations, such as education, competence and knowledge, working experience, industry, geographic area, interests and digital behavior. This way we reach the right candidates with the right skillbase. Generated traffic is then diverted to your career sites or branded landing page.

We also ensure to follow-up from the generated results and interest from the campaigns. This way our customers can always improve and refine their recruitment processes and increase the likelihood of appeal to the right candidates – today and in the future. Thereby, SMW Group works as a natural link to customers recruitment processes and further develops brand marketing projects.


  • Targeted advertisement on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Retargeting, towards people that have already visited your website or have shown an interest in you.

Additional services and products

  • Free branded landing page
  • Social Branding with your name
  • SMW Insight, with real time live campaign results
  • JobKey, our inhouse application to increase the number of job applications
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