Social Media Work Group

Additional services and products

Together with our advertising packages we offer add-ons to increase the possibilities of follow up results and an improved image as a company or organisation with digital knowledge.


Social Branding

Media Branding helps our customers to appear as a progressive entity on Social Media. By visually making your campaign attractive with your graphic profile you also create better brand awareness – and for receivers to go to your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profile only with a simple click. This way can reach you directly and you can build on the marketing and awareness of your brand. Thereby we only act as a ghost producer and your brand is visually targeted towards your objective audience.


SMW Insight

With our developed application SMW Insight, customers can always follow the latest ad results – a smart function to keep track of campaign interactions. With SMW Insight you can always keep track on the efficacy of the project and maximize the ad value.


SMW Page

We produce unique and appealing landing pages for ads to strengthen brands both as an employer and as an organisation. The landing page is adapted to your graphic profile and we also offer the most flexible mobile applications form the market has to offer, with direct connection to your recruiting systems. This makes it simple for potential candidates to apply, know more and receive an appealing image of you as an organisation.



With our simple unique application JobKey, our customers get the possibility to make available jobs accessible to users’ social media behavior. You simply show available jobs on your Facebook page which can be applied for via mobile phone, computer or tablet. Your JobKey will be adapted to you as a customer. With this application you create accessibility but also the provision for retargeting by pixel tracking.

Video edit


When our customers need to edit a video of theirs, we are there to assist. Sometimes there is a need for more branding, such as placing a logo or a simple text in the video, changing colours or adding other details. This makes it possible for our customers to use more video material in their campaigns, which will always attract more interest than just graphic images.