Region Kronoberg

Nurses in adult psychiatry healthcare


Is Caring and Independent something you feel associated with? Do you want to thrive and be able to influence in a position as a nurse? Our goal is to provide good healthcare that will offer what people need, and now we are looking for someone that wants to work towards the same goal. We´re working with the vision that “a full life in a lusty county”, and now we´re looking for someone to do that with us.


About the position

We´re looking for nurses to healthcare in emergency, psychosis and general care departments, with the opportunity to split your work between the departments. As a nurse, you´re the one to plan and organize care of patients, have the contact with relatives and other healthcare providers. You´re also the one to distribute the work in nursing. – Together with your team of nurses and doctors, you´re focusing on what´s best for the patient.

At Region Kronoberg we offer effective decision making and communication where everyone participates, opportunities to develop healthcare and 6000 new colleagues. At our workplace people you´ll be seen and you meet familiar faces in the corridors and dining rooms – at the same time you´ll progress in your career further. Our goal is that all our employees thrive in their positions and can affect their workdays. That´s important to us as an employer.

We offer:

  • Regular contracts/positions
  • Introductions
  • Reduction of working hours for rotary/rotation work
  • Education and courses specialist nursing

Are you interested of psychiatry and wants to know more? Get in touch with us to visit one of our departments. You´ll find contact information below.

To work with intensive care is not something completely different from playing air hockey. We work in teams – everyone has their function. You´ll never alone with the decisions. The team is always around to support!

Emma, intensive care nurse

About you

We hope that you´re a person that thinks highly of your work and like to have responsibility. You´re engaged, a decision maker, works methodically and is a team player. You participate with knowledge, experience and a sensible way of developing the organisation as well as helping your colleagues to progress. And most importantly – you have the ability make patients feel safe and secure.

Furthermore, you have a nursing license, work independently and have been working several years. It´s a merit of you have a specialist education in psychiatry or experience of the somatic healthcare since many of our patience has complex health state.


About us

At Region Kronoberg you can thrive, progress and have an impact. Together we want to reach ”a full life in a lusty county”.

The adult psychiatry in Kronoberg carries a modern and specialized psychiatry healthcare in association with relatives and other healthcare providers. We strive towards a good environment to work in, with motivated and skilled colleagues. Our organisation is split into several departments where our personnel/staff follow our patients in the whole chain of healthcare.

In the beginning of next year, we move to our new hospital – join us there!

I have a work with a big variety of duties, where I can be both creative and flexible. You think you have a daily plan, but it never becomes as you´ve planned – it´s part of the charm with this type of position.

The pace is high, and sometimes the work is heavy. But it´s a great workplace and we have a very positive atmosphere in my department. I have such good colleagues and I like the work environment I have. There´s no hierarchies – we work together as a team no matter the position.

– Lina Törnqvist, nurse in the medicine department.

We´re looking forward to hear from you!