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Stampen Media is one of the leading media groups of Sweden. With 13 titles in the West of Sweden, we provide local quality journalism, engaging news, opinion journalism, important debates and analysis of what is happening nearby but also nationally and in the world to more than one million people daily.

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During November 2019, Stampen Media and Göteborgs-Posten had a requirement to recruit several photographers and image journalists in the Gothenburg area. The positions that needed to be filled required competence and knowledge of TV editing, web images and in general a good knowledge of image journalism. The requirement was for several quality candidates as there were several positions that needed to be filled.

Strategy and solution

SMW Group Marketing team created a strategy for the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Audience Network that would run for two and a half weeks. The ad material was created with images and text material adapted for Göteborgs-Posten graphic profile that clearly communicated the brand together with a call to action to apply. Correct demographic targeting was essential because the target group needed to have special skills and experience to succeed in the position, therefore we created relevant targeting such as interests, knowledge, competence, education, position and workplace. We also made sure to use our retargeting technique to reach the people that already had shown an interest in Göteborgs-Posten and Stampen Media.


The campaign resulted in 32,284 exposures, 9,070 unique receivers and as many as 746 clicks. The total CTR of the campaign ended up on just 8 percent of the unique people that had received and clicked on the ad. The company received 102 applications, which meant an application rate of almost 14 percent of those who clicked on the ad. Stampen Media and Göteborgs-Posten received several quality candidates to interview which resulted in 4 permanent positions.

We always get quick feedback and good replies. During those years that we´ve been working together we´ve also experienced good service, and both the Account Managers and the Marketing team have great knowledge within their area in recruiting and digital advertising.

Helena Andersson, Human Resources