The mission of Lejonfastigheter is to own, manage and develop properties that are required for the region of Linköping to create sustainable and stable property ownership.


In April 2019 Lejonfastigheter were looking to fill a position of a specialised Technical Engineer, which was difficult because of a lack of expertise in the market. To receive applications that matched the profile of requirements was important for the organisation because the position required both maintenance and project management responsibilities. That required a special ad targeted to find these specific profiles.

Strategy and solution

What SMW Group did was to create compelling copy to bring more interest for the position. Graphic material was chosen by the customer that would represent the business as well as the position. An analysis of the requirement profile and demographics was then performed to be able to create an accurate targeting as possible given the required – position, employer, competence, education and interests within the area.


The campaign got as many as 19,382 exposures and reached 4,179 unique persons during the ad period. Those people got to see the ad just over 4 times on average and clicked on the ad 339 times. This resulted in a unique CTR of 8 percent. Furthermore, the ad got 10 likes and 12 competent people applied for the position. The application rate reached almost 4 percent.

The relationship with SMW Group is very uncomplicated and easy. The team is service oriented and good to deal with, and the production time is very short. Plus, the most important part of all – the ads are externally visible, we get publicity and many quality applications. A very simple way of advertising! We have saved lots of time and money in hiring SMW Group, and nowadays we do it for all our recruiting.

Päivi Nomtak, Marketing and Communications Manager