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During the spring of 2019 Crendo needed to strengthen the organisation in Halmstad with a Property Manager. It was important to find the right person with broad competence in as short a time as possible. Considering the skills required, it was essential to make a relevant and correct demographic targeting.

Strategy and solution

SMW Group focused on solving the requirement as quickly as possible since Crendo was urgently needed to reach quality candidates. One of our recommendations for the campaign was to shorten the application process with a fast application. For the potential candidates it meant that they could apply easily with a mobile phone without a resumé or cover letter, and only answer the most relevant questions for the position. Furthermore, the campaign was targeted towards a target group with relevant and broad skills and experience within the area to create the best opportunities of reaching the right people.


The result of the campaign amounted to 24,993 exposures and 3,752 unique persons saw the ad within the specified geographic area. Every unique person saw the ad 6 times and the clicks amounted to 230. That meant a CTR of just over 6 percent and the ad also got 9 likes. A person with the right profile and competence was hired 8 hours later – the candidate had seen the ad on the bus ride home and chose to apply. The person was contacted directly and came in for an interview the same day. Crendo saved the remaining interesting profiles for future recruitment.

We have since the autumn 2018 been collaborating with SMW Group for all our recruitments and we are very happy with the result they deliver. They have helped us to make our processes both more effective, and not the least, cost-efficient.

Åsa Hildingsson, HR Manager