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We are happy to have an educated and driven team that are working for us. Together we share the view about a horizontal constructed company – every employee has a big value and we build relationships instead of hierarchy. We strengthen our team by lifting each other and always strive for openness towards each other as well as our customers  – this will always build solid relationships. These are our values which we always endeavour to adhere to.

Together we set targets, trigger and motivate each other to not only surpass them.

With a strong team that has fun together, we believe that we can always be creative, curious, prospective and strongly focused on maintaining a high standard on everything that we do.

  • I have always been looking for a workplace where there is room for personalities and a culture that truly values employees. SMW Group are one of very few employers that actually fulfil this role which makes them both modern and very unique. Here I have the possibility to be who I want to be and progress in everything I want in my job, creatively as well as strategically. It´s easy to say that there is an openminded atmosphere – but at SMW Group this is really the case.

    Emilia Norgren, Marketing Coordinator
  • With my background of seven years in sales and marketing at IHM Business School it felt just perfect to end up at SMW Group. I´m a person that always looks towards opportunities to progress, which I feel that I get here as Area Manager in sales. SMW Group is a fantastic workplace and a company with lots of potential, good colleagues and where time runs almost too fast.

    Louise Hammargren, Area Manager
  • I was looking for a motivating position and found one as an Account Manager at SMW Group by chance. I had no sales experience but thought that I could grow into the role since I´m very social, driven and a real competitive person. To be good at sales and become a good Account Manager SMW Group has given me full confidence, by good coaching an ambience that is competitive but encouraging at the same time. For me, my position has also meant an extra family to have fun with both in and outside of work.

    Andreas Edström, Account Manager
  • As a Telephone Sales Professional in a different company before, I was held back and couldn´t progress. However, every day at SMW Group feels great and my input is always appreciated. My knowledge and competence within the profession has progressed at rocket speed if I compare to my first day to today. My colleagues and the company management have great knowledge in sales and are always helping me to learn more. With the incredible support from my colleagues who I work with, together with a very attractive product, there is no limit as to how far anyone can reach.

    Jakob Gajic, Account Manager
  • Starting work at SMW Group is the best choice I´ve ever made in my whole career. Sales was something completely new to me, but I noticed quickly that it was good for my personal progress, and the atmosphere at the office combined with good coaching made me motivated to do my best every day. With that attitude and the work and drive I put into my work, I became a team leader in nine months – and won Best Salesperson of the year. I would say that everyone can succeed with the atmosphere we have at SMWG; the good coaching, the after-work fun, inspiring competitions and the great company model we have – works for everyone!

    Christopher, Key Account Manager

Are you our new crew member?

SMW Group are in an expanding phase and are continuously looking for more crew members. You are welcome to contact us at if you have any questions.

Account Manager

We´re strengthening our position as a leading company in recruitment and Employer Branding in social media – therefore, we are looking for an Account Manager with drive and determination who will manage sales in the UK market. Are you the one we´re looking for?

Who we´re looking for

We are looking for proven talent to be Account Managers to drive sales on the UK market. You’ll need to be service oriented with first class communication skills and with the ability to create lasting business relationships. A minimum of 3 years sales experience is a big plus.

As our Account Manager, we want you to:

  • Be responsible and have a drive to exceed your goals – and know what´s required to develop your customer relationships.
  • Have positive energy and a strong will to always perform better.
  • Be team-minded.

We offer you:

  • A good basic salary and the best commission-based model on the market.
  • Coaching and sales education on a regular basis – we believe that everyone has the potential to become our next expert in sales.
  • Competitions; we love to motivate our employees. Therefore, we offer both individual and team-based competitions.

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